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Check-in Procedures for Kartik Parikrama 2023

Hare Krishna everyone,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I just arrived in Delhi yesterday and got a chance to meet His Holiness Indradyumna Maharaja. He is busy preparing for the classes for the Kartik Parikrama and is looking forward to taking us all on these wonderful Parikramas !

We will be doing the check-in on Saturday, October 28th at Braja Vallabhi’s apartment. We have met here a few times in the past, so many of you would know this place. This apartment is in the same building where Indradyumna Maharaja lives.  I have given more details below on how to locate this place. We will be doing it from 10:30 am – 1 pm and then again from 2:30 pm – 5 pm.

For those who have already registered on the Sadhu Sanga mobile app, you can come and receive your bands/bracelets. These bands are needed for you to take part in the Parikramas, they will be checked while getting onto the buses and for having Prasadam. Some of you have registered and not paid yet, you can make the payment at this time. You can give the Lakshmi in rupees, dollars or euros. Some of you have not registered, you can also register with us at this time.

Registration is mandatory for those who would like to join us for Jaipur Parikrama. For the Vrindavan part, you also have the option to get the daily coupons. If you are just joining for Vrindavan Parikrama and planning to get the daily coupons, you do not have to come and meet us on the 28th.

If you are not in Vrindavan on the 28th, you can get your bands on the 29th at the Parikrama or later at the bus stop in the mornings before we board the buses. We will be going to a local place in Vrindavan on the 29th. So you do not need a band or coupon to join this Parikrama. I will be sending more details about this later this week. If you have registered for Jaipur and have not made the payment yet, it’s important that you make your payment by October 28th, as I need to finalize the rooms and buses.

Address of Braja Vallabhi’s apartment :
Flat 104 Raman Reti ashram,
Parikrama Marg,
Balram baba Galli,
Radha Raman Bhageecha,
Vrindavan 281121.

I have also shared the Whatsapp location in the Parikrama Whatsapp group. Please see below some pictures for you to locate the place. For any other questions, please email [email protected].

Looking forward to the opportunity to serve with all of you.

your servant,
Rasika siromani dasi.

This is for those who are not aware of the Parikrama Whatsapp group. Its very important that you atleast join the first group to get all the announcements.
We have created 2 Whatsapp groups to help the devotees in this group
1. 2023 IDS Kartik Parikrama Announcements : This will be for us, the organizers, to share the announcement with all the participants. Only admin can post messages in this group. You can join this group using this link
2. 2023 IDS Kartik Parikrama Discussion : This is for all of you to exchange messages among yourselves to find roommates, share taxis etc. Everyone can post messages in this group. You can join this group using this link
This is the entrance from Parikrama Marg . You need to enter here and take the first right to get to Raman Reti ashram.
Entrance to the Raman Reti Ashram

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